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The 1782 Program is a donation-based program to support Chapter 1000 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Programs. We ask that you donate the small amount of $17.82 on a monthly basis.

You may ask yourself where did we come up with this odd amount?

1782 is an important year to us, on August 7, 1782 General George Washington awarded the first "Badge of Military Merit" which later inspired the modern day Purple Heart Medal. The 1782 Program is to remind us of the great sacrifices our patriots have been making for our freedom for over 233 years and our responsibility to take care of them and their families.

What can we really do with $17.82?

A simple donation of $17.82 can provide food, socks, and underwear for a homeless veteran. We can supply toiletries to veterans in the hospital. Help Veterans and Families to attend veteran programs.

The truth is $17.82 doesn’t add up to much when you think about it, a couple cups of coffee at your favorite coffee house, maybe lunch for you and a friend at a fast food restaurant. However we as our founding fathers believe in the fellow Americans patriotism, spirit and good heartedness and realize that $17.82 quickly adds up and if we all come together we can take this little and make a huge difference in these veterans and their families lives.

Who do we help?

Even though our membership is made up entirely of Combat Wounded Veterans we strive to help all veterans of peacetime and of all wars, their families.

You can be a big part of helping our veterans with the generous monthly donation of $17.82.

Your donation will help support:

Homeless Veterans
Hospitalized Veterans
Caregiver Programs
Veteran and Family Assistance Programs
Various Veteran Events

What you will get for your donation?

1782 Program Lapel Pin
1782 Program Plaque (After every year))
Quarterly Email Newsletter to update you on the program
The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference