We sometimes take for granted the community that we live in and the freedom that we enjoy. You can bridge the gap between Civilians and Veterans through volunteering.
Volunteering is ultimately about helping others and having an impact on a Veteran’s wellbeing. What better way is there to connect with your community and give a little back? As a volunteer, you certainly return to society some of the benefits that society gives you. 
We are always looking for Volunteers to help with various activities happening all around South Georgia benefiting Combat Wounded Veterans and their Families.  

Contact us to learn what opportunities are available in your area.

Chapter 1000 is constantly out in the South Georgia Community working to help veterans, their families and with members in our community who need assistance. We also host different community events during the year to honor our Veterans, First Responders and Volunteers.  


Since 2017 MOPH Chapter 1000 has honored volunteers across Georgia with the Gary Wayne Nelms. This award is named in honor of our past patriot who returned from Vietnam and spent the remainder of his life volunteering to help veterans, their families and members of our community. This award is presented by Gary's widow Susan and Best Friend and Vietnam Corpsmen Rondel Tomberlin at the South Georgia Purple Heart Ball in Valdosta.